Frequently Asked Questions
If you want a professional career as a dancer it is necessary to live in or around LA or NY which is where most employment opportunities originate.
We observe class at The Edge Performance Arts Center once a month. Please check with us to find out when we will be there.
Please send hard copy submissions via regular mail and include a cover letter, headshot and resume. We do not require video footage. We will call you in, if interested, for the next new client audition.
McDonald Selznick Associates is seeking dancers for all areas of representation. Please submit a photo, resume, cover letter, and a few minutes of footage showcasing your BEST work. After reviewing your material, the Dance Department will contact you if they are interested in setting up a meeting.

We hold auditions every fall and spring.
A Director/Live Show Producer offers a wide range of services to bring together the creative and technical elements of a production from inception to completion. Core responsibilities include collaborating on all the vital elements of production such as creating concepts, stage design, lighting design, and screen content design, along with wardrobe, music, choreography and special effects. This starts with establishing the creative team, often pre-determined or put together by the Director/Live Show Producer. In addition, they may also be heavily involved with script writing and camera directing depending on the project. The results of this experienced leadership are memorable performances for world tours, award shows, reality competition series, as well as arena tours and other spectacle performances and delivering all of it within a budget.
Choreography is the art of devising dance. But what a choreographer creates is much more than steps. Choreography can be used to convey every human emotion, from anger to love, fear to humor.

Where writers use words, the choreographer uses movement. Instead of a painter's canvas, the choreographer employs the human frame: from the broadest gesture to the blink of an eye, the body’s movements are the tools of the choreographer’s trade.

In addition to devising dance steps, choreographers work with actors to develop their characters, selecting rhythm and pacing to enhance their performances. In the same way, many singers, both on stage and in music videos, rely on choreographers to create their "signature" visual image.

But it is the full-blown "production number" that remains the most conspicuous example of the choreographer at work. Through a magical fusion of music and dance, the choreographer conjures up a spectacle that is at once thrilling and life-affirming: a feast for the eyes and a tonic for the soul.
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